Jones and Johnson claim victory at Vegas

Saturday, December 2, 2000

LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas Motor Speedway provided high-intensity racing action at the 3rd Annual IMCA Duel in the Desert as Ron Jones took the checkered flag in the IMCA Modified main event. Late Models also added to the excitement as Johnny Johnson won the Late Model feature event.

Jones, of Zimmerman, Minn., held off John Saathoff the majority of the 40-lap IMCA Modified main event. Saathoff, of Beatrice, Neb. took second. Royal “Bumper” Jones, Alan Dix, and Dave Byrd rounded out the top five.

Late Model driver Johnson of West Burlington, Iowa won the 20-lap main event. Rick Wages followed closely in second place. Third, fourth and fifth place went to Harold Schriner, Jason Pike, and Bill Hasselle.

IMCA Modified driver Chad Chadwick transferred four times throughout the night to gain the Iron Man award. Chadwick was the only driver out of more than 125 to transfer four times.

IMCA Modified unofficial results:

“B” Main: 1. Terry Tipton; 2. Alan Updyke; 3. Bill Lundock; 4. Curt Barnett; 5. Jason Pike.

“C” Main: 1. Joe Antonetti; 2. Bobby Hogge IV; 3. Alan Dix; 4. Joe Farre; 5. Robert Vontz.

“D” Main: 1. Terry Belcher Jr.; 2. Tim Clark; 3. Chad Chadwick; 4. Rick Durica; 5. Steve Simpson.

“E” Main: 1. John W. Kuchar; 2. Chad Chadwick; 3. Paul Hurns; 4. Jimmy Reeves; 5. Steve Linthicum.

“F” Main: 1. Robert Adams; 2. Chad Chadwick; 3. Jim Botts; 4. Stanley Slater; 5. Joe Mullins.